Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is a challenging programme of activities intended to help students learn new skills, help others and experience adventure.

“The object is to provide an introduction to worthwhile leisure activities and voluntary service [and] a challenge to the individual to discover the satisfaction of achievement.”           

The Duke of Edinburgh

The award is open to year nine students at Bronze level. Once students have enrolled, they must be proactive and independent, fulfilling the Volunteering, Physical and Skill aspects of the award. In each case this will involve spending the equivalent of an hour a week for a period of three months engaged in voluntary work, physical activity and developing a skill. The responsibility for choosing and arranging these activities lies entirely with each student. They will then be required to choose one of the three areas to continue for a further three months.

The expedition section of the award is arranged and provided by the school. At Bronze level this involves a two day trial expedition and then a two day assessed expedition. Candidates are expected to be totally self-sufficient during the course of both expeditions and are trained to navigate, administer basic first aid, prepare meals and put up tents in the weeks prior to the first expedition.

Those students who are successful in achieving all aspects of the Bronze Award have the opportunity to take on the challenge of the award at Silver level in years ten and eleven.

Further information regarding the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme can be found on the official website: http://www.dofe.org/

Matt Macaulay

Duke Of Edinburgh Coordinator.