School Policies

GCC COVID Risk Assessment for Educational Settings From Step 4 v12 August 2021 cks update dec 2021 Social Distancing Policy Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils E Safety Accessibility Policy Anti bullying Policy Anti bullying Appendix 1 Tackling Cyber bullying Assessment and Reporting Policy Information for Parents Attendance Policy CCTV System Policy Charging and Remission Policy v2 Charging and Remission Policy Child Protection Policy and Appendices CKHS Privacy Notice Pupil Collective Worship Policy Complaints Procedure Policy 2022 2023 CP annex for web site Curriculum Policy 2022 Data Protection Policy E safety and Remote education E SAFETY Policy 2021 Education or Training Provider Access Policy 2021 Educational Visits Policy Equalities policy Equality Objectives Exclusion of Pupils Policy Fair Processing Notice Green Procurement Policy 2022 Health Safety Policy High Achievers Gifted Talented Pupils Policy Home School agreement Homework Policy International School Award Policy COVID Implications International School Award Policy 2021 2022 Lettings Hiring Policy 2021 Looked After Children Policy November 2021 Medical Needs Supporting Pupils Policy Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy Pupil Premium Policy 2021 2022 Kingshill Pupil Premium Statement 15 Dec2021 Scheme of delegation 2021 v2 School Discipline and Pupil Behaviour Policy Sex and Relationship Education Policy SMSC Policy Statement on the Promotion of British Values Special Educational Needs Disabilities Policy November 2021 Substance Misuse Policy 2021 2022 Weapons Policy 2021