Aims & Ethos

Aims of Kingshill School

The school is a caring community of children and adults. Each individual should make a contribution to the life of the school and in turn may expect from it help and support.

There are six basic aims:

  1. To develop those skills which are necessary for life - in reading, writing, speaking, comprehension, computing, in physical and manual dexterity and in study methods such as individual research and co-operating with others.
  2. To help pupils derive pleasure and fulfilment from work in its widest sense and to enable them to obtain those formal qualifications, within the limits of their abilities, which are necessary for employment and further education.
  3. To develop an understanding of the world of work with all its implications.
  4. To enrich the lives of pupils, by stimulating their interests, widening their horizons and giving scope for creative activities in anticipation of increased leisure time.
  5. To help pupils understand themselves, those around them and giving scope for creative activities in anticipation of increased leisure time.
  6. To help pupils grow into mature, moral people who are able to discuss what is good, true and of value, who will appreciate spiritual as well as material matters and who will strive to make the world they inherit a better one.

Ethos of Kingshill School


Our Values

As staff

As pupils

We value our school and its environment, treating all who work in it with respect and courtesy

We greet you at the start of each lesson and register you with a greeting

We keep our classrooms clear and tidy

We show basic manners, courtesy and kindness

We regard our roles as teachers with professionalism and show clear boundaries/expectations

We treat each lesson as a fresh start

We recognise that everyone is different but try to show consistency and fairness

We greet our teachers and respond to registers with a greeting

We keep our classrooms clear and tidy

We avoid littering

We show basic manners, courtesy and kindness

We wear our uniform correctly and with pride

We show self-control in difficult circumstances ensuring behaviour does not escalate

We recognise that everyone has a right to learn

We are prepared to work and to learn  with endeavour

We will arrive on time to our lessons

We carefully plan our lessons and are prepared for your learning

We mark your work in a way that helps you reflect and improve

We will recognise and plan for your individual strengths and needs in the classroom

We will follow the homework and marking policy

We will use and respect feedback from the whole staff team

We have our equipment and arrive punctually

We meet our deadlines for class and homework

We respond to feedback, developing our work in response to teachers’ suggestions

We ‘dig deep’ and keep going even when it is tough, asking for help

We make the most of opportunities to develop our skills and experiences; we look for ways to enjoy school

We provide extra-curricular clubs and enrichments

We share our passions and expertise

We will use praise and rewards, recognising your achievements and efforts

We support pupils to make the most of their time at Kingshill

We involve ourselves in clubs, events and enrichments

We share our passions and expertise – buddying, young leaders

We aim to think in a positive manner towards others and about themselves

We accept, recognise and celebrate our differences

We deal with you sensitively, taking time to get to know the ‘whole’ pupil

We recognise where you may need more help or support

We work with other agencies to gain further support

We will make lessons inclusive and challenging for all

We will encourage positive attitudes towards all members of our school community

We understand how differences can impact and make appropriate adjustment

We support our fellow pupils

We avoid unkind or unpleasant comments

We use appropriate language

We develop high ambitions and aspirations

We provide opportunities through trips and visits

We set you targets – academically and socially – through teaching and tutoring

We are supportive and encouraging through failure and success

We set goals and develop our ambitions

We are truthful

We plan for life beyond Kingshill

Our School Ethos: (the foundation): as a school community, we all ‘strive for excellence’. We do this by challenging ourselves to be the best we can, to be supportive of others in doing so and by being tolerant of everything that makes us all unique.