School Lunch Menu

Menu week commencing 18th October 2021

Monday 18th  October 2021
Main: Managers specials day; Indian day, sizzle spiced Tikka curry & rice, naan’s, red onions pickled, cucumber & onion salsa 
Veggie: cauliflower coconut Curry & Rice 
Pudding: Peach Melba Pudding & Custard
Grab & Go:: Hotdogs in a warm baguette, topped with sticky onions & a choice of sauces 

Tuesday 19th October 

Main: Managers Special Spaghetti Bolognese, sweetcorn & garlic bread 
Veggie: Veggie Managers Specials Mac & Cheese Garlic bread & Sweetcorn 
Grab & Go: Beef,  Quorn or Chicken burgers, served in a soft bap with paprika Chucky wedges & salad pots.
Pudding: Sweet potato Brownies

Wednesday: 20th October 

Main: Roast chicken pie, seasonal Vegetables & rosemary roasted potatoes, stuffing & Gravy
Veggie : Medley of sweet vegetables filled parcels, served with above. 
Pudding: Carrot & Pineapple Muffins
Grab & Go: Pizza Quesadillas ( Tortilla wrap, heated in a pan with butter, add Cheese & Filling, top with another Tortilla, flip until both sides are brown. ( Fill with Chicken, Ham, Pepperoni or roasted veggies) Cut into 4, serve 2 with wedges & slaw pots 

Thursday: 21st  October 

Main: Ancho Minced pork & Rice, served with warm burritos, slaw & salad
Veggie : Pulled Ancho Jackfruit & Rice burritos 
Pudding: Chocolate Sponge & Chocolate Custard 
Grab & Go: Curry & rice filled naans, topped with yoghurt & mint sauce, or Veggie Curry & rice filled naans served with slaw pots 

Friday 22nd October 

Fish Friday, Fish Fingers & Chips, Chicken Nuggets & Chips, pizza & Chips, Sausage & Chips, Plain or Cheesy Chips 

Also served daily;
Jacket potatoes  filled with your choice: beans, cheese or tuna Mayo
Hot pasta Pots 16oz or 12oz pots
Soup & Bread roll £1:00 
Filled Baguettes £1.70
Filled sandwiches £1.05
Pizza slices: meat topped or cheese topped £1.05 & £1.20 
Fresh fruit pots : watermelon 60p
Fruit salad
Fresh pieces of fruit: Apples or oranges 50p
Mixed fruit flavour jellies 60p
Greek yoghurt & fruit compote 60p
Chocolate Mousse 60p

And of course a selection of baked goods or crisps/ vegan crisps 
Gluten free cupcakes & a wide selection of drinks. 

Allergen information available on request, and can be found at each food serving section. If you require a meal that’s gluten free, please come and speak to the kitchen staff as we make all allergen free meals to order and separately.