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Contact Details

Tel: 01285 651 511 EXT 211
Opening Times: Monday 8.40 - 3.30pm
Tuesday - Friday 8.40 - 3.30pm
The Library is fully staffed throughout the school day and staff are always available to help with individual research and queries. 

Homework Club

This is held in the library every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.20pm till 4.10pm when homework staff are available to help with all subjects.

Newspaper and Magazines

We take a good variety of newspapers and magazines in our library, please click below for a list.

Library List 

Virtual library… 

Links to the following resources can be accessed on the library pages by Kingshill students and staff.  Login at:

  • Who Next?    A guide to children’s authors
  • Who Else writes like…?   A general guide to authors
  • Issues Online     Articles on line
  • Complete Issues      Articles, statistics on line
  • World Travel Guide on line
  • Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
  • BBC Class Clips
  • First News TV weekly Bulletin
  • Newsmap, National and International news
  • World History on the Internet
  • Worldometers, Live World Statistics
  • Newseum, Newspaper Front Pages from around the World
  • Sporcle, Trivia Quizzes
  • Dance Mat Typing Tutorial

Kingshill E-library

Our E-library platform holds hundreds of fiction books and complements our physical library stock in school; it  can be accessed by pupils and staff from anywhere using their own electronic devices after a simple registration.

You can find it at: 






We use the Accelerated Reader scheme with years 7, 8 and 9 at Cirencester Kingshill, which is a computer program that helps us to manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.  Every child selects a book at their own level, reads it at their own pace and takes a short quiz on the computer; passing the quiz is an indication that they have understood what they have read.

Feedback based on quiz results helps teachers and librarians to guide a pupil, to set goals and to direct ongoing reading practice.  Children can be helped to choose books at an appropriate reading level that is challenging without being frustrating.

We have found the quizzes to be very popular with our pupils and, since they are reading books at their own interest and reading levels, children are more likely to enjoy their reading.

Year 7 Library skills lessons

We believe having the ability to use a library efficiently is very important to learning at any age.  Therefore Year 7s receive a weekly library skills lesson, linked directly to their English and Humanities lessons.   During these lessons pupils learn various necessary research skills, book and internet-based, and also how to borrow and return their own loans via the self-service library terminals.