Religious & Social Education

The RSE faculty offers something different from all the other faculties in the school. While Humanities shares the RSE faculty’s focus on humanity, the Humanities faculty does not address the deep fundamental and philosophical questions arising from life – questions of meaning and purpose, life and death, belief and faith.

While Science and PE share the RSE faculty’s focus on health and development, they do not explore the tricky territory of human relationships and emotional health and well-being. These are our areas, and as such are our greatest responsibility.

While the faculty’s subjects –  PSHEE and RE - are rightly cherished for their valuable contribution to pupils' academic skills, their real strength lies in the contribution they make to pupils' attitudes to and appreciation of life. To their sense of identity, their appreciation of their own needs and those of others, to their understanding of the world around them and to their spiritual, cultural and moral development.

It is aim of the RSE faculty to ensure that not only do the subjects provide a robust agenda for comprehensive academic improvement in all pupils, but that they successfully prepare pupils for life beyond the school boundaries. As well as learning about what it means to be a British citizen, how to live a healthy life and the exploration of key religious philosophies, the faculty also expects that pupils become better learners. Learning about learning is an important part of the journey

RSE at Kingshill promotes a balanced and tolerant philosophy, where xenophobia, homophobia, fundamentalism and mistrust are dismissed in favour of understanding of other people and empathy.

The end result should be confident, adaptable, healthy and well balanced young people able to thrive in a multicultural society.

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