• To familiarise students with the computing environment at Kingshill School
  • To extend and develop the ICT/Computing skills of our students, particularly in the area of programming.
  • To develop confidence, competence and understanding in computer usage
  • To encourage an interest in computers and their applications

Key Stage 3

Students have one lesson of Computing each week in KS3. However, additional Information Communication Technology experiences are delivered within other subject areas, particularly from the Design & Technology faculty in Year 8.

Our initial aim, for students in Year 7, is to make them familiar with our computer system so that they are organised and can make full use of its potential for learning, across all curriculum areas. Then, over the three years, students are exposed to modules of work, using a variety of software, that relate to the key themes of presentation & communication, modelling & data handling, representing data and computer programming. They will learn to use spreadsheets, create webpages, manipulate digital images and create computer programmes amongst other things.

At the end of Year 9, students should have the confidence and proficiency to use computers to enhance their learning and be informed about what the further study of computing will entail.


Key Stage 4

Students may choose GCSE Computer Science as an option in KS4. The new Computer Science GCSE is an exciting qualification that introduces programming to students and gives a deep understanding into how computers operate.

Students who do not choose the discrete Computer Science GCSE option continue following a cross-curricular ICT programme at KS4 that is fully integrated within other subjects. They will utilise and extend the knowledge that they acquired in KS3.