Musical Instrument Lessons


At Kingshill we offer the opportunity for all students to learn an instrument during the school day. 

Lessons are usually 30 minutes individual lessons, although some teachers offer shorter or paired lessons. Prices are set by the individual teachers but currently range between £14-£18 per 30 minute lesson. There are usually between 8-12 lessons per term (autumn terms are longer, summer terms shorter). Payment is made directly to the teacher. 

Lessons take place during school hours and times are arranged on a rotational basis by the instrumental teacher. 


Currently our peripatetic staff is as follows:

Heather Milnes (piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone)
Margaret Mathews (piano, violin, viola)
Tim Downes-Hall (drums)
John Parker (electric and bass guitar)
Alice Nelson (voice)
Philip Anderson (brass)

Please click on the name of the appropriate teacher above to contact them via email.