Kingshill Science Department


The aim of the Science Department at Kingshill is to make Science active, relevant and exciting for all students. Our specialist science team teach across 6 dedicated science classrooms including 5 recently refurbished, fully equipped laboratories and an IT suite. Demonstrations and practical work is linked to the science that pupils experience in the real world equipping them with the scientific knowledge to prosper in a high performing society.

KS3 Curriculum

The new curriculum for pupils in key stage 3 places less emphasis on science content and more emphasis on How Science Works skills. The Go Science! course we use incorporates all the different aspects of How Science Works, including evaluating different opinions about scientific phenomena, weighing up evidence along with the usual investigations but also delivers it in a dynamic and interesting way. In year 7 pupils are introduced to the skills and concepts they will need and will begin the process of developing their knowledge over the key stage to allow them to be well equipped for their GCSEs in Years 10 and 11.

Homework at KS3 is intended to encourage independent study and extended learning. Homework task booklets have been designed to be completed either as “stand alone” activities or to compliment the work being done in class. All the activities are intended to be engaging and fun to help to support learning in school.

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KS4 Curriculum

Science is studied for 6 lessons a week. The highly differentiated scheme follows the AQA Science A course of study which allows pupils to achieve 1 GCSE in year 10 studying core science and 1 GCSE studying additional science in year 11.

The Triple science option is taken in addition to the core science and allows pupils to achieve three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the end of year 11. This course is taught over 3 additional lessons per week as complimentary modules to extend their core science over year 10 and year 11.


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Additional Information

Science includes extra-curricular clubs in the following areas.

CSI Kingshill is a hands-on forensic science club for beginners. The delivery is assisted by our science leaders in years 10 and 11 and is designed to make science engaging and exciting as well as stretchin G&T students.

Whiz, Bang, Stink is the incredibly popular science club aimed at enthusing year 7 students with the practical scientific principles of science.

STEM club combines principles of science, technology and maths. Primarily it is aimed at students from year 8 upwards and continues to develop science, technology and maths skills from where Whiz, Bang, Stink leaves the pupils.

Geology club concentrates on the science of rocks. Pupils are working towards developing a school web page to support learning of others in this topic area.

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