School Information, Admissions & Uniform

School Policies

Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils (E-Safety) (PDF)

Accessibility Policy (PDF)

Admission Criteria Policy September 2016 (PDF)

Admission Criteria Policy September 2017 (PDF)

Admission Criteria Policy September 2018 (PDF)

Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF)

Anti-Bullying Policy, Appendix 1 - Tackling Cyber-bullying (PDF)

Assessment and Reporting Policy (PDF)

Attendance Policy (PDF)

CCTV Policy (PDF)

Charging and Remission Policy (PDF)

Child Protection Policy and Appendices (see below)

Full Policy
Appendix 1 - Child Protection Procedures
Appendix 2 - Actions where there are concern about a child
Appendix 3 - Early Help and Intervention
Appendix 4 - Child Abuse Definitions
Appendix 5 - Specfic Safeguarding Issues
Appendix 6 - Safeguarding Record Log
Appendix 7 - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Job Description
Appendix 8 - Child Protection Process
Appendix 9 - Letter to Other School

Collective Worship Policy (PDF)

Complaints Procedure Policy (PDF)

Curriculum Policy (PDF)

Data Protection Policy (PDF)


Educational Visits Policy (PDF)

Equality Policy (PDF)

Equality Objectives (PDF)

Exclusion of Pupils Policy (PDF)

Fair Processing Notice (PDF)

Green Procurement Policy (PDF)

Health & Safety Policy (PDF)

High Achievers (Gifted and Talented) Pupils' Policy (PDF)

Home School Agreement Policy (PDF)

Homework Policy (PDF)

International Schools Policy (PDF)

Lettings and Hiring Policy (PDF)

Looked After Children Policy (PDF)

Medical Needs - Supporting Pupils' Policy (PDF)

Offensive Weapons Policy (PDF)

Pupil Privacy Notice (PDF)

Provider Access Policy (PDF)

School Discipline and Pupil Behaviour Policy (PDF)

Sex and Relationship Education Policy (PDF)

SMSC Policy & Statement on the Promotion of British Values (PDF)

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy (PDF)

Substance Misuse Policy (PDF)

Teaching and Learning Policy (PDF)