School Information, Admissions & Uniform


The school endeavours to provide equipment needed for pupils in lessons. It is however, appreciated if pupils have their own writing equipment. The following items are particularly useful:

Pencil-case, pencil, fountain pen or ball-point, ruler, rubber, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens, drawing equipment, a scientific calculator (e.g. Casio FX-83 models).

Children will need a bag in which to keep books and equipment. This should be small enough to go into a locker. Large sports bags are not suitable and will cause unnecessary problems.


GIRLS:  Black polo shirt with Kingshill School PE logo*
  Black skort with Kingshill School PE logo for games*      
  Black Kingshill PE micro fleece*
  Black cycling shorts (for gym/aerobics/dance)
  Trainers (not skateboarding shoes or pumps)
  Black tracksuit bottoms (not compulsory but recommended)
  Football boots and outdoor trainers (wait to buy - PE teacher will advise)
  Long black socks for football, short white socks for netball and all summer activities
  Shin pads for football (not compulsory but strongly advised - wait to buy – PE teacher will advise) 


BOYS: Black polo shirt with Kingshill School PE logo*
  Black shorts with Kingshill School PE logo*
  Rugby/soccer shirt - red, reversible to black band on sleeve with Kingshill School PE logo*
  Long black football socks
  Rugby/soccer boots and trainers (not skateboarding shoes)
  Black tracksuit bottoms (recommended as will be expected to play outdoors in all weather)
  Shin pads for football (not compulsory but strongly advised)
  Mouth guard (not compulsory but strongly advised

For Outdoor activities boys should wear School Rugby shirt, black shorts, black football socks, Rugby / football boots or the appropriate footwear.

For Indoor activities and in the summer term boys should wear a School PE polo shirt, black shorts, white socks and trainers if necessary.

All pupils will be expected to mark kit with a permanent marker or name tapes. At the beginning of each term kit will be checked for identification.


Where to buy uniform

*All school logo items that are listed on the school uniform list can be purchased from Trutex and some items from D & J Sports