Year 8

Oak National Academy  
For pupils working from home in Term 1 please can you email your Head of Year to explain your situation. We will then get your teachers to email you work directly. If you require a loan of a laptop for the duration of your absence please email Mr Pritchard: spritchard@cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk


Art Please contact your Art Teacher via email
Computing Year 8 Computing Term 1 
Design Technology Year 8 DT Subjects and Topics on Rotation throughout the year
Drama Year 8 Drama Term 1
English Year 8 English Term 1
Geography Year 8 Geography Term 1
History Year 8 History Term 1
Languages Year 8 MFL Term 1
Mathematics Year 8 Maths Term 1
Music Please contact your Music Teacher via email
PSHEE Year 8 PSHEE Term 1
R.E Year 8 R.E Term 1
Science Year 8 Science Term 1