Year 8 Geography Term 2

Term 2

People in the UK


The lessons can found using the link below.


Curriculum - Curriculum (continuityoak.org.uk)

You will find the lessons under Year 8 Unit 5 Issues of Urbanisation


The first 10 lessons are similar to the lessons in school.


Watch the videos and complete the activities. There is an assessment that you can use to check your understanding.


There are two extra lessons on Dubai (11 and 12) that you can do as an extra.

Year 8 Geography Shadow Curriculum: Autumn Term


The aim of the shadow curriculum is to enable you to keep up with school lessons while you are absent. The shadow curriculum makes extensive use of the Oak National Academy website which has been designed for pupils unable to attend school.


The programme below is similar to the lessons covered in school. If you are unsure which lessons you should do then check your exercise book and look at what was covered in your last Geography lesson. If you are still unsure then email your teacher and ask.