Year 10 Childcare Term 1


Title of lesson

In class:

At home:


Memory Book (Taster Lesson)

1.      Introduce the course

2.      Handbook to give out

3.      Spiderdiagram

4.      Memory Book


H/W: Complete Memory Book

Collect handbook when in school

Complete a memory book, as per holiday work.

Pick at least 6 events- e.g birth, first pet, first holiday, first day at school.

This could be done as a timeline. Ages 0-11


Growth and Development

1.Watch clips on powerpoint




Watch head circumference.






Factors affecting Growth


1.      Pictures

2.      Spiderdiagram using pg 5

3.      Add 2 words to your glossary


Make a list of any factors affecting growth..

e.g sleep

Try and come up with 5 and explain how they affect how children grow.



1.      Research

H/W: Find out what age you rolled over, walked, said your first word.

Find out how much sleep a child needs between the ages of 0-8 EG. As a baby, toddler, pre school etc.

Find out if you can what age you rolled over, walked, your first word.


Nutrition and Diet

1.       Allergies

2.      Food groups

3.      Design a meal


Design a meal for a 3-4 year old. It must include the different food groups- Dairy, protein, fats, Carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables. Write a paragraph to explain your choices.


Language and Communication

1.      Table to fill in.

2.      Write 2 book reviews from the box of books

Find a book at home to write a book review on or google books for ages suitable from 1m-8 years

Include, author, description of front cover, age suitable, brief summary of plot.