Year 10 Childcare Term 2

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Task 1

Week 1 or 2 missed

Development areas Ages 5-8

1.      Read pages 25-27

2.      Complete booklet

3.      Secret lives of 5 year olds spiderdiagram


Watch a secret lives of 5 year olds on clickview. List all the physical gross motor and fine motor you can see.

   Task 2

 Week 3

Adults working with Children


1.      Play Doh

2.      Create a task that children can do with playdoh

3.      What areas of development does your task improve

4.      Write a paragraph to explain


If you have any play doh at home do the same task at home.


Or write about a task without using it

Task 3

Week 4 or 5 missed

Jobs with children

1.      Using the pages in the book, create a spiderdiagram of the different jobs.

Pg 37, 69,97,127, 157, 181, 207, 229 and 222-227

2.      Write a factfile about 1 in detail

Find out about the different jobs you can do working with children.

Write a factfile about each one.

     Task 4

Week 6

Development Areas 3-4/ 4-5

1.       Booklet to complete

2.      Complete assessment practice 1.3


Homework: Revise for full test

Create flashcards on what children can do in all development areas for ages 3-4 use your tables to help you.


Task 5

Week 7



Full test



Test paper Jan 2017


Email teacher for test paper