Year 11

Art, BTEC Sport, Childcare, Computing, BTEC Art & Design, 3D Design, Drama, English, Food, Geography, History, Languages, Maths, Music, PE GCSE, Photography, RE, Respect, Science

Art- Term 5


Please email your Art Teacher for work

BTEC Sport - TErm 4

Year 11 BTEC Sport - Assignment 1Ass4 P5, M4 D3

BTEC Sport - Student Work Book

Childcare - TERM 5

Year 11 Childcare Term 5

Computing - Term 5

Year 11 Computing Term 5
14. The Systems Life Cycle
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Public Key Cryptography
Practice J277_01_Sep_2020_MS
Practice J277_01_Sep_2020_QP
Practice J277_02_Sep_2020_MS
Practice J277_02_Sep_2020_QP
Sample Computer Systems
Sample Computational Thinking Algorithms & Programming

Btec Art & Design - Term 5

Year 11 BTEC Art & Design - Evaluation

3D Design - term 5


Please contact your teacher via email to request work please.

Drama -Term 3

Contemporary Monologues For Teenagers - Female

Contemporary Monologues for Teenagers - Male

The Curious Incident Background Pack


English - Term 5

Language Paper 1 Revision Booklet
Language Paper 2 Revision Booklet
Literature Paper 1 Revision Booklet
Literature Paper 2 Revision Booklet
Reading Recommendations for Language
Reading Recommendations for Literature

Food- Term 4

Please check Show my Homework for all of your work or contact your Food teacher.

Year 11 Practical Planning Record

Nutrition Year 11 Mock Revision Book

Geography - Term 5

If you are not in school you can use any of the resources found here to help you revise. Email your Geography teacher if you are not sure which topic we are revising in class.

Term 5 Revision
Coasts Cue Cards
Coasts Knowledge Organiser
Coasts Recap
Coasts Revision Booklet 1
Coasts Revision Booklet 2

Rivers Cue Cards
Rivers Knowledge Organiser
Rivers Recap
Rivers Revision Booklet 1
Rivers Revision Booklet 2

Natural Hazards
Natural Hazards Cue Cards
Natural Hazards Knowledge Organiser
Natural Hazards Recap
Natural Hazards Revision Booklet 1

Living World
Living World Cue Cards
Living World Knowledge Organiser
Living World Recap
Living World Revision Booklet 1

Urban Issues and Challenges
Urban Issues Cue Cards
Urban Issues Flashcards
Urban Issues Knowledge Organiser
Urban Issues Revision BookletUrban Issues Recap

The Changing Economic World
Changing Economic World Recap
Changing Economic World Cue Cards
Changing Economic World Flashcards
Changing Economic World Knowledge Organiser
Changing Economic World Revision Booklet

HIstory - Term 5

Year 11 History Term 5 - Conflict and Tension Revision
Conflict Flip Cards
Elizabeth Content
Elizabeth Flip Cards
Elizabeth Timeline
Elizabeth Workbook
Health and the People Content
Health and the People Timeline
Health Workbook
Revision - Conflict and Tension Content
Revision - Conflict and Tension Questions
Revision Cards 1
Revision Cards 2
Revision Cards 3
Timeline Task
Timeline Task - Powerpoint
Work Booklet Conflict

Languages - Term 5

Year 11 French - Term 5
AQA French GCSE Photocards
AQA French GCSE Role Plays

Year 11 German - Term 5
AQA German GCSE Photocards
AQA German GCSE Role Plays

Year 11 Spanish - Term 5
AQA Spanish GCSE Photocards
AQA Spanish GCSE Role Plays

Mathematics - Term 5

2022 Foundation Exam Support Material

2022 Higher Exam Support Material

You have been provided with details of topics on each of the three exam papers.  This includes Hegarty Links relating to each of the topics.

You also received a question level breakdown of your mock paper.  Again there are Hegarty Links relating to each specific question. 

You need to be focusing your time on these topics - particularly those which you are less confident with.  You must be watching the Hegarty videos and making relevant notes of examples.  You then need to ensure you do the practice questions. 

You may wish to use MathsGenie.  Select an appropriately graded topic, watch the video and do the exam questions associated with the topic. 

If you wish for assistance identifying areas to focus on, please contact your class teacher.

Music - Term 4


GCSE Music - Term 4

P.E. - GCSE, Term 4

 GCSE PE - Term 4 Revision

Photography - Term 5

Please email your Photography Teacher for work

Religious Studies - term 4


Respect - Term 4

Year 11 Respect Term 4 Four Crime
Year 11 Respect Booklet - Term 4

Science - Term 5

Year 11 Combined Science Instructions

Year 11 Combined Science Term 5

Year 11 Triple Science Instructions

Year 11 Triple Science Term 5

Science Login Details