Careers Education

The aim of Careers Education is to increase pupils’ self-awareness, knowledge of educational opportunities, occupations and training, both locally and nationally.

It is paramount that when looking at the different choices available, parents, pupils and the school all work together to ensure that the right decisions are made for each individual pupil.

During Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11, pupils have to make important choices. It is therefore essential that we, as a school, ensure that all pupils are given the correct tools to make these choices. Helping pupils to discuss their subject preferences, researching careers as well as further education options, enables pupils to make the right choices for their future. This is done in many ways including lessons in PSHEE and Citizenship, tutor time and assemblies. In addition, all of these pupils and their parents are invited to our Careers Convention which is held annually in October.

All Year 9 pupils are offered 1:1 careers advice to help them with their option choices. There are many different websites and computer programmes available for pupils to use both in school and at home for research purposes. There is also a Curriculum evening for both pupils and parents to help with the option choices.

Year 10 pupils will be using all of their acquired knowledge to help them when making their work experience choices. The pupils go out on work experience in the October of Year 11. The Enterprise Day is a useful event for confidence, teamwork and self-motivation.

Year 11 pupils will all have 1:1 careers interviews to help with choosing their post-16 choices; in addition Mock Interviews with local employers are arranged for each pupil. There is also a post -16 Information Evening for both pupils and parents.

Pupils now have many different options available to them when leaving Cirencester Kingshill School, including Diplomas, A levels and Apprenticeships. Our pupils also progress to many different further educational establishments. These can be sixth forms, colleges or specialist colleges, including Cirencester Sixth Form College, Farmor’s, Pates, Hartpury and Stroud, to name but a few.