Pupil Work

Year 9

bbc bitesize oak

Mr Drivers School Song challenge, record yourself singing Starships "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now" and send it in (full details here)



   UPDATED Monday 29th June
  • The work that you produce for this mini project will be used as coursework. When we return to school we will be continuing with the Natural Forms theme.
  • I am expecting you to spend at least an hour a week on your artwork, ideally I would like you to spend 2.5 hours on Art a week as this is this equivalent of a single and double lesson.
  • There are 5 tasks. Some will take longer than others. You have the next 7 weeks to finish this project.
  • I would like you to photograph your work and send it to me every week so that I can see what you are doing and help you and give you feedback.
  • Please work on white paper and keep all your work safe for our return to school. We will eventually be sticking your drawings, photos etc into your GCSE sketchbooks.

Annie Lewin Presentation
(Powerpoint / PDF)


I would like you to photograph your work and send it Mrs Vine every week so that I can see what you are doing and help you and give you feedback.

Collagraph printing: this is a technique that you may like to experiment with. This is an extension task for those of you that have finished the Angie Lewin work. 

Collagraph Printing





3D Design


1. Produce a mood board of images of the work of an artist/ designer on A3 or A4

2. Describe the work

3. Design something in the style of the artist designer.

Research and Design Powerpoint  ---


 Monday 29th June

Year 9 Option Choice Specific work



New Task –

In the style of Banksy create 4 different designs for 1 or more different socially relevant themes in the media and news.

Socially relevant themes that have been in the media include:

  • Giving thanks to the NHS
  • Raising awareness of the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Promoting ethnic and gender equalities
  • ‘Hope’ and well-wishing using the rainbow graphic for example

Think about how Banksy uses colour in the most important parts of the graphic to communicate the message or theme in his street artwork.

Around your designs explain what the message or socially relevant theme is and how you are trying to communicate it in your graphic.

Examine the work by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

  1. Write a research profile on them, important dates, interesting facts about them and their work like their style, methods they used, ways they worked.
  2. Give 3 examples of their work and explain what you think of them. What do you like, What don’t you like, what is your favourite piece of work?
  3. Copy 1 piece of work by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein in a medium of your choice, i.e. coloured card, pencil, coloured pencil, marker pens.


Examine the work by Banksy.

  1. Give 3 examples of his work and explain what you think of them. What do you like, What don’t you like, what is your favourite piece of work, what message do you think that he is trying to communicate, why does he use colour in some areas and not others?


Examine the work of Harry Beck who is famous for designing the London Underground Map

  1. Create a research profile on who he is and key dates in history, interesting facts about him and his work like his style, methods he used, ways he worked.
  2. Produce a Harry Beck inspired map like route to school, around your home, new map for school. Remember to use the Harry Beck coloured straight lines to show the routes.


Examine the work of Paul Rand and his work on corporate logos – you will be amazed how many you recognise that he designed.

  1. Write a research profile on him, important dates, interesting facts about him and his work like his style, methods he used, ways he worked.
  2. Give 3 examples of his work and explain what you think of them. What do you like, What don’t you like, what is your favourite piece of work?
  3. Produce a Paul Rand inspired “coat of arms” for your family surname.


Examine the work of a tattoo artist.

  1. Create a profile on him/her, important dates, interesting facts about him/her and his/her work like his style, methods he/she used, ways he/she works.
  2. Give 3 examples of his/her work and explain what you think of them. What do you like, What don’t you like, what is your favourite piece of work?
  3. Explain the style of a tattoo artist, explaining the characteristics of his/her design style like is it traditional, coloured, Aztec, gothic, tribal inspired?
  4. Produce the next tattoo design for someone like David Beckham or yourself / someone else in your family. Explain the meaning being the design – what message is being communicated?



 Please email your work to Mr Jelf


 Monday 29th June

Year 9 Option Choice Specific work


Over the next 2 weeks please complete the following tasks.

1.A moodboard showing ways that paper can be folded and manipulated. Show examples of products such as clothing made from folded and manipulated paper.

2.A page of samples showing different ways you can fold and manipulate paper eg: pleating, smocking, different origami folds. There are loads of really good tutorials on youtube which you can use to help you learn how to fold origami. Experiment and have a go with lots of different techniques if something is unsuccessful don’t throw it away keep it and evaluate to explain what you think went wrong.

3.A page of 6x design ideas for clothing, accessories or home furnishings products inspired by the research and sampling that you have done. You could use paper that ypu have folded to stick onto your designs to make them look 3D. 

Folding and Manipulation



  Monday 15/06/20

We are going to work on performance design for the next 5 weeks – all of which will lead to a full written evaluation of a piece of live performance.

I am aware that a few of you are struggling to get onto the National theatre freebies. Do not panic. There is a fantastic piece by Emma Rice called “Wise Children” on Ibbc.

 I would like you to work through these challenges –ALL of you must do the Developing task, SOME of you will ALSO do the Skilled task and a FEW of you will really push yourself and do the Oscar-Worthy Task!

Pre-GCSE Worksheet




  (see below for dates)

Week 1 - (11/6/20 – 18/6/20)

To investigate the working characteristics and functional properties of the ingredients used to make the best chocolate chip cookies.

Section 1.

  1.  If using Word, open up a new document and call it NEA 1 Chocolate Chip Cookies. Write the task out as the very first part of your written work. Read through the task and highlight key words.
  2. Make list of food science words relating to making of CCC (chocolate chip cookies). See slide 8.
  3. Find a CCC recipe or write out the one given. See slide 7.
  4. Watch the video clip and look at the website. See slide 7. 

Online text book p. 386 - 394



Username: SKINGS4



Your Word document needs to be emailed to either Mrs de-Gay or Mrs Watkins by 18/06/20 and should show the full task written out.

For the S, C and E students a list of the science words as asked for in Task 3.

All students must send an email their teacher.

Week 2- (18/6/20 – 25/6/20)

Section 2

5. Make a list of the ingredients and explain in detail the ‘function’ of each ingredient is and what their ‘function’ is in making CCC. Slide 9.

Section 3.      

6. Create a mind-map of what you could investigate – changing certain ingredients, different amounts etc.? Slide 10

As above


 Send your updated version of the Word document to include a list of recipes you have researched and the list of the functions of ingredients by Monday 25/06/20.

ALL students must email their teachers.


Week 3 - (25/6/20 – 2/7/20)

Section 4.

7. Write a hypothesis. Slide 11.

Section 5.

8. Make a batch of cookies and take photos of them to add to your document. Slide 12.

9. Draw a chart that shows the results of what you made. Don’t forget to ask others opinions and record this too.

As Above



Send your updated document to include your variables, mind map and hypothesis by Monday 02/07/20

All students must email their teachers.

Week 4 - (2/7/20 – 9/7/20)

Section 6

10. You should put your results into a radar chart (sometimes known as a star profile) slide 13.

11. Write your conclusion. Refer back to your hypothesis – were you right?

12. Send your completed NEA 1 investigation either to Mrs Watkins or Mrs de-Gay.

As Above



Send completed document containing all of the work  plus: pictures of cookies, recorded results of practical cooking and final conclusions by 09/07/20.

ALL students must email their teachers.

Year 9 future food students. Please download the exemplar (an example of work) of one of this years students who has completed the Chocolate Chip Cookie task. This is to be used to help you complete your work. On no account should you copy any of it as this is plagiarism. It is merely there to show you how it could be done. We have also included some deadlines - these show you when your work should be handed in to one of the food technology teachers.

Year 9 Exemplar




Cookie Investigation (see powerpoint)

Cookie Investigation



  Monday 6th - 10th July

1. Independent reading for 20-30 minutes every day. 

2. Complete spelling list for relevant week

a) Please send your answers for Lesson 3 to your teacher by Friday 10th July

b) Complete Lesson 4 in the GCSE Prep booklet'

Independent reading book

Spelling Lists Summer Term

Y9 – Summer GCSE English Prep Booklet


Spelling tests

Please update your teacher on your work weekly and attach work where possible. It is important that you keep copies of your work for GCSE revision. 




Monday 6th - 10th July


Task 1 - Write a definition of the key term: Ecotourism.


Task 2 - Read through the case study of the resort, Lapa Rios (Costa Rica). Answer the questions by referring to the background information on Lapa Rios and Figures 1 & 2.

Task 3 - Create your own eco-tourist resort (either handwritten or on computer - using Paint). Include the features you have chosen for your ecotourist resort in the key, explaining how your island is an ecotourist resort.

You Tube: What is ecotourism? (2:23).

Lapa Rios, Costa Rica case study sheet.  

Eco-tourist resort island template. 
Features found in ecotourist resorts guidance sheet.

Example of Eco-Tourist Resort



  Monday 6th - 10th July
  1. Create your own written piece of work on an event from the 20th/21st century.
  2. You are free to choose which ever historical event you like, but the power point should give you some ideas.
  3. It can be presented as a factfile, report, word document, poster, it’s up to you. Try and include pictures if possible.

Powerpoint with information on 20th /21st Century events, to give you some ideas. (PDF version)


You will not be assessed on this piece of work, but you can send it to your class teacher.



  Monday 6th - 10th July
TASK(S) - French
  1. Work your way through the vocab on the attached pages. If you are able to access the PowerPoint then you can practice your pronunciation.  I would like you to make a poster of each of the pages, or you could make revision flashcards with words and pictures from each page. Try to learn as many of the words as you can by September.

You will have been emailed a PDF document and a PowerPoint on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions.


Please send a copy of your work by Friday 10th July to Mrs Millar. You can either email your work if you have done it on the computer, or take a picture of your work and email that.

TASK(S) - German


Task 1- Read through the vocab and copy and new words in to your books.


Task 2- Match up the instruments 1-9 with the pictures a-i


Task 3- Match up the questions in German with the English, i.e. 1g


Task 4- Read through these interviews, then write down three bits of information (or more) in English you have understood.


Task 5- Read the article. Then write down the German translations of the 5 sentences below. The sentences are all in the article.


Optional task-Read the texts. Then answer the questions. 


You will have been emailed a PDF document and a PowerPoint on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions.


Send your answers to tasks 2-5 to Mrs Brown by Friday 10th July

TASK(S) - Spanish
  1. Fill in the social media page as though you were a celebrity (you can choose the celebrity).
  2. Again, as the same celebrity, answer the questions in full sentences (in Spanish). Please send your answers to your Spanish teacher for marking by 13th July.

You will have been emailed a PDF document and a PowerPoint on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions.

Send your answers to your Spanish teacher for marking by 13th July.



  Monday 6th - 10th July

We started our GCSE Mathematics studies in February.  We have completed three half terms of our studies having studied 6 of the 22 chapters in the course text book.


We won't be doing any end of year tests.  Your task, before we return in September, is to assess your personal confidence in the topics we have studied.  Review the work you have done through the website (or text books for those not using the website) and rate youself for each of the topic areas we have covered in our GCSE studies.


Download and print-out the ‘Year 9 Self-Assessment Sheet’, reflect on your learning since September using the videos and support material if necessary.

Click on the appropriate links below

Year 9 Self-Assessment Sheet

Chapter 1 : Calculations 1

Chapter 2 : Expressions

Chapter 3 : Angles and Polygons

Chapter 4 : Handling Data 1

Chapter 5 : Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Chapter 8 : Probability

This is all self-assessment of your learning on your GCSE Studies.



Updated 29th June

    • Using the Focus on Sound complete the lessons that have been set.
    • https://kingshill.musicfirst.co.uk/app/dashboard
    • There are two lessons both looking at developing the skill of music reading.
    • Complete the quiz at the end of the lesson which I will be able to see online and offer feedback on.
    • Please refer to the instructions email sent to your school email for further assistance on how to access the lessons/quiz.
    • Any problems logging on refer to that email or email direct to jdriver@cirencesterkinshill.gloucs.sch.uk
    • The tasks you need to complete can be found under the “my class” tab. You will also see notifications at the top of the screen which shows you when something has been set also. 

See tasks

See tasks


  Term 6 - Summer Project for those of you who have chosen photography as an option.

Over the next 7 weeks you are to take digital photographs of letters of the alphabet that you see around you.

The idea is to see a letter within an existing object /artefact rather than contriving the letter yourself.

All 26 letters of the alphabet need to be photographed ready for your first photography lesson in September. Try to take several different photographs for each letter that way you can select the best one.

Any type of digital camera can be used. However the end product must be in JPEG format and brought to school on a memory card.

We do not want you to prepare a poster at this stage, this will be your first task.

Letters of the Alphabet Project  (Powerpoint / PDF)

This will be the basis of your first task in September and must be completed before then as the elements in this are essential to this task.

Artist Research Powerpoint as used by Miss Richards in the online tutorial

Artist Research Powerpoint


Introducing the Visual Elements (PPT / PDF)

Introducting the Visual Elements edited



Monday 1st - Friday 12th June 2020

Religion, science, creation and Charles Darwin: why are ideas about where we come from so varied?

This work will enable you to think about the question above. Have paper and pens ready to work and set yourself up to use some online films. You will be learning from a range of viewpoints and you need to be able to express your own and other people’s views clearly, and to argue and give reasons for what you think. There are some right answers, but some of this work is about deep disagreements.

Home Learning Science and Belief

Your work should be completed over the next two weeks then sent to your teacher.



  Monday 6th - 10th July


This is week 3 of  4 on this research project.  The learning is all part of the GCSE course within the Physics section. 
Use the guide sheet to answer the questions and present it as a booklet that can then be used for your future revision. 


Yr 9 Electricity project ( 2 pages) 

If you need any ongoing support, please contact your teacher and feel free to send images/files of your ‘work in progress’  

Keep your master booklet for revision and bring them into school when we return.

Deadline for completion Friday 17th July


30 Day Design Sketching Challenge - Please click here to access the 30 Day Design Sketching Challenge

D.T - In April please choose any of the following tasks.

Dyson Design Challenges -  Over two weeks select a minimum of 4 from the 44. Take photographs of the design and experimentation process as well as the outcome. Either on the computer or by printing your photographs write around the pictures to explain what you have done, how you have done it and what you have learnt.
Please click here to access the Dyson challenge cards

30 Day Fashion Challenge - Please click here to access the Fashion Challenge

30 Day Foodie Challenge - Please click here to access the Food Challenge

Grow Plants from Scraps - Please click here to access the resources.

Beat Covid-19 Design and Technology Challenges - Please click here to access the resources.

PE Challenge Sports Leaders - Hopefully you are all safe and happy working from home but we need some ideas and creativity from you all! Mrs Pauling is in contact with our primary schools and they are missing the contact with all our amazing Sports Leaders. Have any of you got ideas for an active challenge or fun game we could send out to our primary schools. Send in ideas or videos to hpauling@cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk or tag in @CotswoldSGO if you would like to put it on twitter.

I am sure many of the younger children will recognise you so from all the events you have been involved with so far so they would really enjoy to see you leading some virtual games and challenges on line!

Mrs Pauling

Geography - 27th April Research and write about two different cities, Full Instructions (click)
((Previously set before Easter) Year 9 Project (please click to download the file))

History - 20th April Research the Treaty of Versailles, Full Instructions (click)
((Previously set before Easter) Year 9 Project (please click to download the file))

ScienceWeek 1 & 2 - Interdependence Click here to access the instructions, Click here to access the PDF or Powerpoint 
Week 3 - 6 - An introduction to Biology, A 4 Week Project for after Easter This is a research/project style work and we are looking for you to make 2 booklets. Each booklet should take 2 weeks and approximately 8 hours to produce, giving a total of 16 hours of work. The attachment has two pages and tellsyou what your booklet must contain.

MFL w/c 27th April 2020
Guten Tag,
I hope you are all well. Here is your work for this week (please click). Please remember to email me at any time if you need help with anything or even to show me the work you have done. Make sure you are keeping all of the work together to show me when we are back in school. - Frau Brown
Dear all,#I hope you are all well. Here is your the work for next week (please click). Please remember to email me at any time if you need help with anything or even to show me the work you have done. Make sure you are keeping all of the work together to show me when we are back in school. - Mrs Brown
9X/SH1, 9Y/SH2
Hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunshine. Here is your Spanish work (please click) for the forthcoming week (Week 2 Term 5). The format is the same as last week, you just need to work through the pdf and read the instructions clearly. As usual, do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Many thanks, - Miss Bidwell
Here is your work (please click) for the week starting Monday 27th April. It is on characteristics and future jobs people would like to have. Do as many of the tasks as you can. You will also find the answers to this week's work so please mark your work at the end and keep all of your marked ‘working from home’ work together either in your orange book or in a folder. For now, you do not need to email the work back to me unless I specifically ask for it.
As usual, although we haven't met yet face to face this year, if you have any problems, do email me as I check my emails every day. Take care, Mrs Weighell
9Y/FR1, 9X/FR1
Hello year 9!
I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine.
Here is your French work for this week (please click), please let me know if you have any problems as I will be regularly checking my emails.  - Mrs Millar

Maths - From 20th April until 5th May, we are working on Expressions.  You will find the link to the work here.(please click)
As previously, you have hyperlinks accessing to video teaching, practise questions and answers.
New this time, at the end of each section, you will find hyperlinks to MyMaths homework tasks relating to the work you have just studied.  These must be completed under your personal login - your teacher will be using them to monitor your progress in through the topic.  School login :  kingshill        Password : percent
If you don't remember your login, please contact your teacher.

Art - Please click here to access the Y9 Art worksheet
We are expecting you to produce these research tasks over the next 6 weeks. As you have 1 lesson of Art a week we think that you could produce an artist research page over a fortnight. If you do not have A3 paper at home then work over 2 pieces of A4. We will be adding more work to the website after 6 weeks.

Drama - Term 5, Please click here to access the "Noughts and Crosses" activity pack (word file)

Music - Here is the work for the next two weeks after Easter.

  • Using the Bronze Arts Award PowerPoint slide (click here to access it)
  • Complete Section B on being an audience.
  • You should consider the following and write it up.
  • You should spend 1 hour on this piece of work in total
    What did you go and see, where did you go?
    What did you experience as an audience member?
    What did you like best and why?
    What do you think could have been done better?
    Would you recommend it to others? Explain why.
    Share your response with someone else in the class via email and offer feedback on the work and ask each other questions about the experience.

Extension task for those opting for GCSE:

  • Complete the sheets All About Clefs.(click here to access it)
  • It covers the treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs.
  • This is a useful as a starting point into GCSE for September.

Any problems, please email me, thanks for all your hard work. - Mr Driver

Complete the Much Ado About Nothing project. (please click here to access the project brief)
You should also be revising the Much Ado knowledge organiser for our Year 9 end of year assessment. (please click here to access the organiser)
Pupils are also encouraged to read for 30 minutes per day.  Visit the Kingshill Moodle site for access to our electronic library.(moodle.cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk
2.Creative Fiction
a) - Finish the story ‘The Troublemaker (click)
b) - Finish the story ‘Which Way (click)
c) - The Woman in Black story pack (click)
d) - We See Everything story pack (click)
e) - Seafire story pack (click)

Computing - Programming challenge for Y9's who have computing in their top 4 choices (please click)

P.E - Home Based Activities (please click)

R.E - Wider Learning - The attached tasks (please click) will help you to expand your knowledge of world religions or delve deeper into some of the issues you learn about in your RE classes.Read through the slides then select a task.