Pupil Work

Year 8

D.T - In April please choose any of the following tasks.
Dyson Design Challenges -  Over two weeks select a minimum of 4 from the 44. Take photographs of the design and experimentation process as well as the outcome. Either on the computer or by printing your photographs write around the pictures to explain what you have done, how you have done it and what you have learnt.
Please click here to access the Dyson challenge cards

30 Day Design Sketching Challenge - Please click here to access the 30 Day Design Sketching Challenge

30 day Fashion Challenge - Please click here to access the Fashion Challenge

30 Day Foodie Challenge - Please click here to access the Food Challenge

Grow Plants from Scraps - Please click here to access the resources.

Beat Covid-19 Design and Technology Challenges - Please click here to access the resources.

chick3Food Easter Activities:-  This Easter Project which is for all pupils and capabilities. Please have a go at the practical cooking, if ingredients are available, and please check with the responsible person in your household before you start. Please don't forget to be very conscious about Health, Safety and Hygiene when cooking. click here for full intructions
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs de-Gay, Mrs Cameron or Mrs Watkins on our school emails.

chick3DT Easter Drawing Fun Project  - 'How To Daw Easy Cartoon Faces Step by Step' 
Link: https://youtu.be/nDTAzOrH4AM
More cartoon stuff: https://how-to-draw-cartoons-online.com/cartoon-animals.html

 chick3DT Easter Fun Project - 'Fantasy 3D character'
Create just one or have a go at all 3. You can base your characters on your family members or you could try creating Hockney / Salvador Dali / Iris Apfel.......Or even create your own super heroes.!!  Fantasy 3D1 (click) Fantasy 3D2 (click) Fantasy 3D3 (click)


chick3The Kingshill School P.E. Easter Challenge

1. A ‘Sporting excellence video challenge’ that uses sports equipment or anything household ite that is in your home. Your P.E Teachers would like to challenge you to create your own sporting video that demonstrates your excellent talents. 

Once you are happy ... or not (feel free to include fails if you like)... post on our PE Twitter page @kingshill_PE . If you do not have Twitter you can email Mr Thomas (STH) using your school email, Mr Thomas will then post for you.
Your P.E Teachers will post their efforts throughout the first week of the Easter Hols, so you can see what they have been up to. Get thinking and be creative, remember to use sporting equipment and show off your skills !!! https://twitter.com/Kingshill_PE

2. Design a Sports Team Shirt, this is done through competitions run by Gloucester Rugby and Halbro Sportswear.
a) The Gloucester Rugby's kit manufacturer, Oxen, are giving the chance to design a Gloucester Rugby Shirt, where the winner will be sent their very own one-off version of their creation.  Click on the link below to access the design format. https://twitter.com/gloucesterrugby/status/1244912506033897474?s=12
b)Halbro Sportswear have challenged school pupils to design a School Team Kit, that must include the school name and the year group of the designer next to the design. Halbro will manufacture 20 shirts for the winning school, making the design a reality for their whole team/school to use.

The winner will be picked by current GB Hockey player Sam Ward. You can also see the competition on Facebook, Instagram and twitter on the Halbro Sportswear accounts. 

Do not forget to tag us and Halbro Sportswear into your design entries, or email them in to info@halbro.com. Click on the link below (or copy and paste into your browser) to access the design format  Click for full instructions and a template

The deadline for entries is 1st May  Good luck and enjoy !!!

Hopefully you are all safe and happy working from home but we need some ideas and creativity from you all! Mrs Pauling is in contact with our primary schools and they are missing the contact with all our amazing Sports Leaders. Have any of you got ideas for an active challenge or fun game we could send out to our primary schools. Send in ideas or videos to hpauling@cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk or tag in @CotswoldSGO if you would like to put it on twitter.
I am sure many of the younger children will recognise you so from all the events you have been involved with so far so they would really enjoy to see you leading some virtual games and challenges on line!

Mrs Pauling

Geography - (until Easter) Year 8 Project (Please click to download)

History - (until Easter) Year 8 Project  (Please click to download)

Science -  Click here to access the instructions, Click here to access the tasks

MFL:Please work through the tasks that will be emailed to your school email accounts by your MFL teacher. If you are unable to access the work for any reason, please log on to Linguascope or use Quizlet to revise vocabulary that you have been studying this term.
MFL 27/03/10 - 8X/SH1I & 8Y/SH1 you have been emailed work by Miss Bidwell, 8X/GM1 & 8Y/GM1 you have been emailed workby Mrs Brown, 8X/SH2 - you have been emailed workby Mrs Weighell - if you haven't received an email with work or you have accidentally lost the the email please contact your teacher by email (all email addresses are here (click))

Maths- Work until Easter has been set up on MyMaths for you. Do the Lesson and Homework for the tasks.
School Login : kingshill School Password : percent
Remember to login to your personal portal.  If you have forgotten your login/password, please contact your teacher.

Music -  Please click here for Y8 music work

chick3Music Easter Fun:-  
Attachments:- Parody Lyric book (click) Parody Booklet (click)
Read through page 1 on what a Parody is.
Then complete the listening tasks on the following 2 pages using the hyperlinks contained within the document.
Task 3 is to start thinking about writing a parody.
Complete the parody lyric starter activity first.
Then open the Parody lyric booklet to choose your song.
Then follow the booklet instructions to try to rewrite the lyrics.
Use the backing tracks provided in a hyperlink in the booklet to help you.

 Art - Please click to access the Y8 Art worksheet
We are expecting you to produce these research tasks over the next 6 weeks. As you have 1 lesson of Art a week we think that you could produce an artist research page over a fortnight. If you do not have A3 paper at home then work over 2 pieces of A4. We will be adding more work to the website after 6 weeks.

chick3Art Easter Fun Project :- Create a 3D model of a famous artist. - click here to access the full instructions


Drama - Please click here to access Y8 Drama Twisted Fairytales project

chick3Drama Easter Fun - Choose Three (click) and Theatre!! (click)




1.Romeo and Juliet
Complete the Romeo and Juliet project. (please click this link to access the project brief)
Pupils should also continue to read daily and complete Accelerated Reader Quizzes using the normal Kingshill Moodle site. (moodle.cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk)
2. Reading and Spelling Challenge – work through these weekly  Y8 Spelling and Reading file
Creative Writing
a) - Finish the story ‘The Great Find’ (click)
b) - Finish the story ‘The Snow Day’ (click)
c) - Finish the story ‘The Zoo’ (click)
d) - Using your opinion (click)

web logo3Corinium Radio Creative Writing competition – here’s a chance to hear your work on the radio (click to find out more)


Computing - Programming - Full Instructions (please click)

1) Warm-Up Tasks (click)
        Face Sprite zipped up file (click)
        Scratch Thumbs zipped up (click)
2) Paint (click)
        Paint Start zipped up file (click)
        Paint Complete zipped up file (click)
3) Dodgems (click)
        Dogems zipped up files (click)
4) How to prgramme (click)
       Solution Task (click)
       Solution Task zipped files (click)

Scratch is avaialble for free from this site https://scratch.mit.edu/

P.E - Home Based Activities (please click)

R.E - Year 8 RE Project (please click)