Pupil Work

Year 7

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Year 7 Assembly June 2020 
click here to access Miss Colledges' Assembly (powerpoint file)

Mr Drivers School Song challenge, record yourself singing Starships "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now" and send it in (full details here)


   Monday 1st June - Friday 17th July 2020

Create the title ‘Food Glorious Food’ by drawing images of food to represent the different letters.

Draw your letters on an A4 piece of paper.
It’s a good idea to use guide lines to help with the size. The width of a 30cm rule is a good size to use.
Colour them in.
Cut them out, keep safe!

Full Instructions are in the Food Glorious Food Resource

Food Glorious Food Project (PDF / Powerpoint)

Please keep all of you drawings for when we return to school



    In JULY please complete at least 2 tasks for any subject specialism
TASK(S) - Product Design

Plastic Bottle Challenge

Repurposing Products Cardboard Challenge

Plastic Bottle Challenge PowerPoint

Repurposing Products Cardboard Challenge PowerPoint

Please keep all of your work together to show your teacher when we return to school.

TASK(S) - Food Technology

Salad in a Jar Design

Salad in a Jar PowerPoint

Please keep all of your work together to show your teacher when we return to school

TASK(S) - Textiles Technology



Upcycling, Recycling UK

Design briefs PowerPoint file

Please keep all of your work together to show your teacher when we return to school

TASK(S) - Graphics

Design and Technology Sign Designing

DT sign Designing PowerPoint

Please keep all of your work together to show your teacher when we return to school



Monday 1st June - Term 6



Practicals – there are 6 active options and then 2 weeks to extend, design and record your monologue. 


Year 7 Drama worksheet 1st June

Keep all your work together for assessment when we return.



Monday 6th - 10th July


1. Independent reading for 20-30 minutes every day. Quiz on AR when you have finished a book. (Please see AR Guidance notes)
2. Complete the spelling list for this week
3. Complete Lesson 4 in the Speaking Out booklet

Independent reading book
AR Guidance sheet if needed
Spelling Lists Summer Term

1. Y7 – Booklet 2 – Speaking Out 6 Lessons

Ongoing AR quizzes
Spelling tests
Please update your teacher on your work weekly and attach work where possible. Keep copies of your work safe for your return to school. 



Monday 6th - 10th July


Complete the map skills test.

You can either take a picture of your answers and send it to your teacher or you can type your answers straight into an email.

We have sent this test out a week early so that you have plenty of time to get it done.


 Map Skills Test

Please send the test to your teacher by Weds July 15th.

This will give them time to mark it and give you feedback

 Extra resources

These short videos (made by The Ordnance Survey and Steve Backshall) are useful to back up what you learn elsewhere.




Monday 6th - 10th July


1. Read the worksheet (either Word or PDF copies are available) which introduces Robin Hood.



2. Create your own ‘Wanted’ poster for Robin Hood, following the instructions. You may want to use the template attached or design your own. 

Robin Hood (Word/PDF) – This includes the instructions for your wanted poster and a template Wanted poster you may wish to use. 

You may want to watch these videos before you start: 

Historian Graham Phillips theory on who Robin Hood is (10 mins) 

A documentary suggesting several people who could have been Robin Hood. (6 mins)

Website - A good place to start your research. An article explaining the different myths and reality about Robin Hood 

 You will not be assessed on this piece of work.


You may also want to watch a documentary by Tony Robinson about the real Robin Hood: Fact or Fiction? Robin Hood

 Youtube link: 





TASK(S) Monday 29th June until the end of Term

As previously, MyMaths resources have been allocated for this two week programme of work.  This equates to around 8 hours of work.  The topic is algebra – Equations, Sequences and Graphs.

 Remember, you need to work through the lesson thoroughly and then onto the homework task which records results for your teacher.

Everything is set on MyMaths.

At the end of each MyMaths lesson, you need to do the homework task.

These are compulsory.


  Monday 6th - 10th July 
  1. Copy the following animals into your book /paper in French and English
  2. Log on to www.linguascope.com French beginner section. Mes animaux (my animals) is in the green section with the dog icon.
  3. Unjumble the letters and find the animals in French. Bonus – use the numbers to work out the phrase in French and English.
  4. (Optional) Use the code above to crack the code below and work out the phrase written in French and then translate each sentence into English. 
  • You will have been emailed a PDF document on Friday 3rd July. This contains complete instructions.
  • www.linguascope.com

 Please keep your work safe until we are back in school

TASK(S) - GERMAN (7B,7C,7D,7F,7G)

This week our work has a cultural theme. We are going to be learning all about the Austrian artist ‘Hundertwasser’.

Read through the slides and then list 5 things that are different about Hundertwasser’s buildings to the ones that you see every day.

Task – Your job now is to do some art work on paper in the style of Hundertwasser. You can either:
1)Design a building in the style of Hundertwasser. Think about the colours he used, the shapes and the windows.
2) Do a painting in his style. Remember he liked to include nature too. You can look on the internet for more ideas if you like.

  • You will have been emailed a PDF document and a PowerPoint on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions.
  • Internet for extra research.

 Please keep your work safe until we are back in school



Weeks 10 & 11

  • Work through the sheets on Musical Instruments.
  • Print them off ideally as you can then complete the work on them.
  • If you can’t print off then you can complete the exercises on paper, but avoid writing out any word searches!

Musical Instruments

  • Please send your sheets by Sunday 28th June.


Weeks 12, 13 & 14

  • Complete the building blocks theory sheets in the final three weeks.
  • Any words you are unsure of, use the internet to research their definitions. 

Building Blocks Theory Sheet


  • Deadline for completing this work is Sunday 19th July.


Monday 21st June (2 weeks)

Week 1 Task


1. Why do you think the writer made up this story?

2. If you had a dream like this, what would you do?

 3. Does this story connect up with the national lottery? Many people in our society spend a lot of time dreaming about being rich – is this a good thing?

 4. Does God make some people rich and others poor?

5. Does God’s place in this story show what the author believes? Can you explain?

6. How, if at all, does the story relate to your own experience of life? Is there a lesson for you here?

7. ‘We dream of what we long for. But if we get it, we may long for something else’ What do you think? What do you dream of?

 8. What’s this story really all about?

Week 2 Task

Speculation fiction:

Write ‘chapter 2’ of the story – no longer than this one which is 299 words. What do you think happens next? Include the rich man, the nun ~ and another dream if you want to.

 Y7 RE Task 21/06/20  --


Monday 6th - 10th July

Food and Digestion – New booklet

This is the last week work in this booklet.  Please make sure you have finished all the mini lessons and questions

 If you cannot print the booklet, then simply write answers on paper with clear headings and questions numbers.


 Food & Digestion Booklet

Do the work in the booklet and any extra on spare paper.  Keep it safe to bring in when you return

Please send images or files of your work in progress to your science teacher.

Activities and Educake questions for this unit to be completed by Friday 10th July  


D.T - In April please choose any of the following tasks.
Dyson Design Challenges -  Over two weeks select a minimum of 4 from the 44. Take photographs of the design and experimentation process as well as the outcome. Either on the computer or by printing your photographs write around the pictures to explain what you have done, how you have done it and what you have learnt.
Please click here to access the Dyson challenge cards

30 Day Design Sketching Challenge - Please click here to access the 30 Day Design Sketching Challenge

30 day Fashion Challenge - Please click here to access the Fashion Challenge

30 Day Foodie Challenge - Please click here to access the Food Challenge

Grow Plants from Scraps - Please click here to access the resources.

Beat Covid-19 Design and Technology Challenges - Please click here to access the resources.

Hopefully you are all safe and happy working from home but we need some ideas and creativity from you all! Mrs Pauling is in contact with our primary schools and they are missing the contact with all our amazing Sports Leaders. Have any of you got ideas for an active challenge or fun game we could send out to our primary schools. Send in ideas or videos to hpauling@cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk or tag in @CotswoldSGO if you would like to put it on twitter.
I am sure many of the younger children will recognise you so from all the events you have been involved with so far so they would really enjoy to see you leading some virtual games and challenges on line!

Mrs Pauling

Geography - 27th April Continue to work through your map booklet and complete the maps Full instructions (click) , Maps booklet pdf (click), Maps booklet word (click)
((Previously set work until Easter)  Country of the world research (please click to download) , A list of countries and territories to use with the research (please click to download))

History20th April  Research Black Death (14th century) Full instructions (PDF), Full Instructions (Word) - (please clickto download)
(Previously set work until Easter) Year 7 Project (please click to download)

MFL w/c 27th April 2020
7A/MI, 7E/MI
I hope you are all well. Here is the work for this week (click). Please remember you can email me at any time if you need help with anything. Next week you are learning all about days of the week and school subjects in Spanish. - Mrs Brown
Hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunshine. Here is your Spanish work (please click)  for the forthcoming week (Week 2 Term 5). The format is the same as last week, you just need to work through the pdf and read the instructions clearly. As usual, do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. -Many thanks, Miss Bidwell
Here is your work for the week starting Monday 27th April (please click). It is on school subjects and days of the week in Spanish. Do as many of the tasks as you can. You will also find the answers to this week's work so please mark your work at the end and keep all of your marked ‘working from home’ work together either in your orange book or in a folder. For now, you do not need to email the work back to me unless I specifically ask for it.As usual, although we haven't met yet face to face this year, if you have any problems, do email me as I check my emails every day. Take care, Mrs Weighell
7C/MI, 7G/MI
Hello year 7!
I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine.
Here is your Spanish work for this week (please click), please let me know if you have any problems as I will be regularly checking my emails.  - Mrs Millar
Hi, Hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunshine. Here is your Spanish work (please click) for the forthcoming week (Week 2 Term 5). The format is the same as last week, you just need to work through the pdf and read the instructions clearly. As usual, do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Many thanks - Miss Bidwell

Maths- Work from 20th April until 5th May is on MyMaths for you.
Do the Lesson first and then the Homework tasks.  You can redo tasks by finding it on MyResults. School Login : kingshill School Password : percent
Remember to login to your personal portal.  If you have forgotten your login/password, please contact your teacher.

Music - Here is the work set for the two weeks after Easter.

  • Work through the sheet Let’s Learn About notes. (click here to access it)
  • There are 13 sheets to be printed and then completed over the next 2 weeks’ worth of lessons
  • Learning about notation is one of the crucial things we were about to do, and these sheets are helpful to introduce the basics

Any questions please ask.
Thanks in advance for all your hard work so far. - Mr Driver

Drama - Term 5 - Please click here for the Macbeth workbook (word file), and please click here for the additional Monologue Task worksheet (word file)

Art - Please click here to access the Y7 Art worksheet
We are expecting you to produce these research tasks over the next 6 weeks. As you have 1 lesson of Art a week we think that you could produce an artist research page over a fortnight. If you do not have A3 paper at home then work over 2 pieces of A4. We will be adding more work to the website after 6 weeks.

1. Writing
We ask all Year 7 pupils to keep a diary whilst school is closed.  Write about your experiences away from school and your thoughts and feelings about this unusual time.  Further work will also be set to help keep you busy. (click here for the Y7 non fiction worksheet)
Pupils should also continue to read daily and complete Accelerated Reader Quizzes using the normal Kingshill Moodle site. (moodle.cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk)
2. Reading and Spelling challenge – work through these weekly (click)
Creative Writing
a) - Finish the story ‘Beachtrip’ (click)
b) - Finish the story ‘Finding Muffin’ (click)
c) - Finish the story ‘Summer Camp’ (click)

web logo3Corinium Radio Creative Writing competition – here’s a chance to hear your work on the radio (click to find out more)


Computing - Topic: Programming :- Full Instructions (please click)
0) Scratch Intro,
1) Scratch Motion Challenges 
2) Scratch Costumes and Looks Challenges
3) Scratch Making a story (disco)
4) Scratch Hungry Shark Game
Scratch Reference
Looks and Motion scratch files zipped up
Scratch is avaialble for free from this site https://scratch.mit.edu/

P.E - Home Based Activities (please click)

R.E - Wider Learning - The attached tasks (please click) will help you to expand your knowledge of world religions or delve deeper into some of the issues you learn about in your RE classes.Read through the slides then select a task.



There will be a map skills test in a couple of weeks.