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  Monday 29th June

This is the powerpoint that I went through in our online lesson. This student achieved a grade 9. You may find this useful when doing your sketchbook work

Sketchbook Artwork


Collagraph printing: this is a technique you may like to experiment with

Collage Printing


BTEC Art & Design

Monday 29th June

You are to use the research that you have completed on the different design styles and think carefully about the characteristics of each and design style(s) that you prefer.

You will be designing and make a trophy / award sculpture to sum up your time in the BTEC Art and Design course.

You are to think carefully about how this course and your experience of it could be summed up with suitable objects and shapes. You should take influences from the design styles you have researched.

Follow the instructions in the PowerPoint file called Legacy Trophy.

 Legacy Trophy PowerPoint

Please send your completed work to Mr Jelf by the end of term.


w/c 11th May 2020

Task 3 (BTEC Sport): Be able to review sports performance

Task 3 requires you to complete two observation checklists that need to be used to self-assess your practical performance in your two chosen sports. All the information is included on the worksheet attached. I have also included two examples that you can use to help you understand the instructions, please use your own format and include your own skills / techniques / tactics. One of the examples is partly completed so you can see how you may go about filling a self-assessed one in when reviewing your own sporting performances.  

Task 3 Teachers Instructions

Example Observation Checklist for Rounders

Example Observation Checklist for Football

You have two weeks to complete and submit this to your teacher,


w/c 22nd  - 26th June 2020

Follow the step by step guide to create your assignment. This should be done as a powerpoint.

Pages 74 -75
Pages 76 - 77
Pages 78-79
Page 80

Step by step guide

Assessment brief

This piece of work is your assessment, it is due to your teacher on 10th July.



w/c 04/05/20


w/c 04/05/20

Slideshow 10 covers some material on files, much of which we have touched upon already. However, read through it carefully and make sure you are happy with this.  This week’s discussion asks you to compare programming in high level languages with low level languages.  You have done both.  Python is one of many high level languages.  You have also tried assembly language, with the Little Man Computer, which is low level. 

w/c 01/06/20

Slideshow 11a begins a look at the topic of networking. This is an extensive and important topic!  To begin with, I would like you to carefully read slides 1 – 7 from the slideshow.  Next, find and read the corresponding sections from your text book – you may also wish to do the interactive activities.


Full Instructions on the task (click
Slideshow 10 on Files (click)





Slideshow 11a on Networking (click)


Networking Questions worksheet (click)




Monday 15th June - Term 6

Thirsty!! see resources
Year 10 to the End of Term worksheet

Thirsty Pupil Resource


Read and workthough the two resources

Y10 Drama Worksheet

Paper Birds Worksheet




   Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July


Test yourself with the poetry quote quiz.



An Inspector Calls
Complete the Key Knowledge Test.  You will have done this last year in class but it is an excellent revision tool.  How much do you remember?


Paper 2 - Language

Complete Question 5 – timed response 45 minutes


Quotes Quiz



An Inspector Calls Key Knowledge Test



 Language Paper Insert

Language Paper Questions

Question 5 Planning Sheet

Your teacher will monitor your usage of GCSEPod.  Email your teacher to let them know how you did in the quote test



We will send the answers next week for you to mark your own tests.



Deadline 10th July


   Monday 15th June – Monday 6th July 2020

NEA 2 – Research, prepare and cook three dishes (with accompaniments, of appropriate) that demonstrate your technical skills and showcase International Dishes. 


Week 1 - (15/6/20 – 22/6/20)

  1. If using Word, open up a new document and call it NEA 2 – International Cuisine.
  2. Read pages 398 – 426 in textbook.
  3. Read through the entire PowerPoint
  4. Download and read the exemplar that is on the website. Remember this is someone else’s work and NOT to be copied. (All students).
  5. Under the title Task description write out the task and highlight any important words.
  6. Copy down the titles shown in the blue box on p.398.
  7. Under the title Introduction jot down some ideas about where and how you are going to find out this information. Use the book and the exemplar to help you.

       (All students)

NEA 2 PowerPoint

NEA 2 exemplar – click here to download.

Text book Online text book p. 398 - 426


Username: SKINGS4


Your Word document needs to be emailed to either Mrs de-Gay or Mrs Watkins by Monday 22nd June and should show the full task written out, the titles, the task description and some ideas under the title introduction.

All students must send some work to their teacher.

Week 2 - (23/6/20 – 29/6/20)

  1. Under the title Research ideas draw a mind map (or write a list) of what and where you can find information to complete your task. (slide 7)
  2. Once you have an idea of what you plan to do, you need to write a Plan of action(POA).
  3. You should always carry out a survey to find out what other people like
 As Above

Send your updated version of the Word document to include: research ideas, a plan of action and a survey (questions and results) by Monday 29/6/20.

All students must send some work to their teacher.

Week 3 - (30/6/20 – 6/7/20)

  1. Summarise the research you have carried out. (slide 8)
  2. Analyse your own skills.
  3. Have a look online to see what supermarkets sell when it comes to international cuisine.
  4. Now you need to decide which international cuisine (country) you are going to choose to cook three dishes for. Explain why you have chosen this particular country.
 As Above

Send your updated document to include: Summary of research, analysis of skills, results of supermarket research and the name of the country you have chosen to cook dishes from by Monday 6/7/20.

All students must send some work to their teacher

Week 4 - (7/7/20 – 13/7/20)

  1. Under the title Listing your chosen dishes write down the dishes that you are going to cook and explain the reasons why you have chosen them.
  2. Normally we would write a time plan detailing the different steps you would take to cook your dishes, ensuring they would all end up being presented at the same time.
 As Above

Send your updated document to include: a list of your chosen dishes and reasons for choosing them and if you have time/inclination a time plan. (S, C and E students only).

All students must send some work to their teacher.

Week 5 - (14/7/20 – 20/7/20)

  1. You now need to put your skills into use and cook your 3 chosen dishes plus their accompaniments.
  2. Take photos of your finished dishes and them add them to your word document.
  3. Under the title Evaluation, you should discuss whether or not your meal met the brief, the skills that you used, the sensory properties of your dish (this can be in star profile form, or written text).
  4. Finally, you should discuss any improvements you could make if you were to cook these dishes again.
  5. Now all you have to do is send your completed Word document to your food teacher.

Send your completed  document to include: all previously sent work plus photos of your cooked dishes (annotated), evaluations of each dish and any future improvements.

All students must send some work to their teacher.


  Monday 15th - Friday 19th June 2020

4c: Aggression, Motivation and Personality Types 

Use pages 97 – 101 to complete worksheets on aggression and personality types and motivation. 
6. Agression and Personality Types
7. Motivation

HW CompleteText book practice questions on pages: 98,99,100



   Monday 6th - 10th July

Revise Rivers and Coasts


Fill in the work booklet as you go.

Read through your notes and your textbook (chapter 10 and 11 pages 92-131).

Work booklet.


These are extra online resources that you might find helpful with Deserts.

This is the relevant BBC Bitesize page to access Coasts and Rivers

This is the Seneca Learning page.

These are explainer videos on Coasts and Rivers

These are also very good videos on Rivers and Coasts. We’ve used these in class quite a lot



  Monday 6th - 17th July

This work on Kenilworth Castle is for the last two weeks.

Answer the 12 questions.

Q1) How did Robert Dudley change Kenilworth? Scanned sheets

Q2) Why was Kenilworth Castle built in its location? Slide

Q3) Complete timeline

Q4-7) Complete questions on the timeline

Q8-9) ‘Progress’ slide and extra sheet

Q10) Garden

Q11) Dan Snow clip and table

Q12) Complete the table.

Follow the instructions on the powerpoint.

All questions are also on the powerpoint.

Use the scanned sheets to help you

Handout 1

Handout 2

This work is for the last two weeks of term. Please make sure you complete it and keep it safe. This is for the 16 mark question on the Elizabeth paper.


You will complete a 16 mark question on this in September.


  Monday 22nd - Friday 3rd July 2020

Chapter 16 : Handling Data 2


Video Teaching, Practice Questions and Answers for the learning objectives of this chapter are on the link as before.


You have four weeks from 22nd June to 17rd July to complete this work.  This should equate to around 16 hours of work.


Should you finish and want access to previous tasks, please contact Mr Upward or your class teacher.

Everything is accessed from the mains sheet.

    Link Here.

At the end of each topic, you will find MyMaths links to practise questions that will give staff feedback on how you are progressing.


These are compulsory.


If you cannot remember MyMaths login details, please contact your class teacher.


 Monday 6th - 10th July  

This week you are going to be working from the Oak Academy website. There is a link to it on the ‘pupil work’ section on the school website or just google ‘Oak Academy’.

You need to go to the ‘year 10’ section. Then choose ‘French’. I would like you to work through lesson 13 – The Perfect Tense with Avoir.

Please work through the tasks.

You will have been emailed a PDF document and a PowerPoint on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions.

 Please keep a copy of the notes you have made during this session to be checked upon your return to school.


Monday 6th - 10th July  

Task A- Use the look/cover/check technique to revise the vocab.

Task B- Translate the sentences in to English. Use the help sheet (p.3.) to support you.

Task C- Translate the sentences in to German using the help sheet (p.3.). the first letter of each German word is provided in brackets.

Task D- Translate the passage in to German.

Extension task – Write a passage about family life in German then send it to Mrs Brown. 

 You will have been emailed a PDF document and a PowerPoint on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions.

 The extension task needs emailing to Mrs Brown by Friday 10th July



 Monday 6th - 10th July


  1. Oak Academy. Complete the tasks in the ‘What I learned yesterday’ section. It is Lesson 8 in the Grammar and Writing section. This lesson focuses on Speaking skills.
  2. OPTIONAL – Look through your Speaking answers in your speaking booklet and see if you can improve any of them with the information you have learned from the session.

 You will have been emailed a PDF document on Friday 3rd  July. This contains complete instructions


 Keep all your work together in your folder ready for checking in school.


  Updated 29th June
  • Work through the slides create and tasks within on Pop Music.
  • Link to files
  • There are listening tasks and research tasks to take you initially up to the end of term.
  • In addition to the above you should be working on your GCSE solo performance already. This needs to be sent to me in video form. It may be possible to record them live depending on when and how we return to school.
  • The Film Music notes should have already been sent to me.
  • The Pop Music notes are due in on Sunday 28th June.
  • Solo performances are due in Friday 10th July.

Link to pop music slides

The Film Music notes should have already been sent to me.

The Pop Music notes are due in on 12th June.

Solo performances are due in Friday 10th July

  • Using the Focus on Sound complete the lessons that have been set.
  • https://kingshill.musicfirst.co.uk/app/dashboard
  • There are two more lessons both looking at developing the skill of music reading.
  • Complete the quiz at the end of the lesson which I will be able to see online and offer feedback on.
  • Deadline for these tasks is Sunday 19th July.
  • Solo performances are due in Sunday 12th July.


Summer Term Task


Creative Research Task & Photo Shoots

Creative research task powerpoint


Use the powerpoint / PDF  
"Year 10 Photography Part 2 - Manipulations"

Manipulations (PDF / Powerpoint)

Manipulation inspiration artists (PDF / Powerpoint)


Full Mock Exam (PPT / PDF)
Full Mock Exam edited to print



 Monday 6th - 10th July  

Physics: P1 Energy Unit  Extra lessons

Physics: P1 Energy Unit 

Energy and Power

(1 week of work only)   See attached sheet linked here  

Science Worksheet 6th July

Conservation of Energy (Higher)

Power (Foundation)


Notes for personal revision


Workbook pages to complete


Main Formal Assessment via  Educake questions ‘P1 Energy and Power’

Deadline Friday 10th July         


Independent learning of C15 Unit continued

C15.3 The properties of polymers

Pages 226-227

Make notes then do questions pages from Workbook Q1 page 101 


 Ceramic Polymers and Composites


Please see Mr Edwards email or contact your triple teacher  for further details


There are Educake questions to also answer  


Textiles - Please begin research for your Final Major Project. Please find a document with the 5 different design briefs which you can choose from. Read through all 5 briefs carefully and decide which one you would like to use for your final project. Create a moodboard and begin to research artists and designers. The briefs will also be emailed to your school account. (Please click here to access the final major project brief presentation) - Miss Waller

BTEC Art & Design - Task - 
Design Ideas section -
Please click here to access the Design Ideas guide.
Please click here to access the Spec Check grids.
Please click here to access the Design Ideas Example

1. Look at your design concepts that you have drawn for each design style research and making methods research.
2. Pick 6 of the best concepts, I would suggest picking the best one from each of the design style researches so that there is a wide variety of different designs evidenced.
3. On an A3 page draw 2 design ideas. I would suggest imagining that the guide is your A3 page and that your ideas should be about the size of each of the blue boxes.
4. Around each of your design ideas label and explain them with the following headings
Design Style
Good Points
Bad points
5. Add some colour to your design to highlight key areas.
6. Explain what you like and don't like about each idea.
7. Compare each of your design ideas to your specification page in your sketch book. I have attached some spec check grids to print and use. Re-write the most important specs from your specification and compare whether each design idea has met that point by using a tick or a cross.

Design Development Section - Please click here to access the Design Development guide
With 6 design ideas completed, on an A3 page select your best 2 design ideas and draw 4-5 different aesthetic developments for each idea annotating your design developments by answering the questions on the design development guide sheet attached.

Final Design Section - Please click here to access the Final Design guide
Next draw your best final design which will be any of initial ideas or most likely from your design development section. Follow the final idea guide attached on what to do around your best idea.

Prototyping Section  -  Please click here to access the Prototyping guide
With your final design drawn it is time to make a model of your best idea using any materials you have at home. This could be paper, card, paper mache, plasticine, recycled materials even blue tack! Take photographs of the  main stages of making and the final outcome. Using the template attached, explain your making process with the photos taken on slide 2 and explain your photos using the sentence starters on slide 1. Put some photographs of your outcome on slide 3 and explain them using the headings provided.

Food Preparation and Nutrition -  All Y10 (21/04/20) - By now you should all have received work books through the post which should keep you going for the next 2 - 3 weeks. You have all been given the log-in details for the interactive text book that we use in school. If you cannot access this then please just look up the answers on the internet or email me.
Also Mrs Watkins and I would like you to carry on cooking where possible. We totally understand that some ingredients might be difficult to find or that cost might be an issue. However please keep cooking when you can - just make whatever dishes you can, whenever you can - keep those skills that you have learned alive! 
This term you would have been  studying the following commodities; Beans, Nuts and Seeds, Soya, Tofu and Mycoprotein. Please find suitable recipes and make the dishes, where possible, and don't forget to send the photos to us and keep in touch.
The dishes you would have been making are: Cheesy Bean Burger, Thai Quorn Curry, Tofu Noodles and Vegan Chocolate Cake or Brownies.

Best wishes from Mrs de-Gay and Mrs Watkins and please stay safe.

Geography - 20th April - 6 tasks that will bring you to the end of the cities unit, Full instructions for all of the tasks are here (click), ,
Task 1 - Pages 152-153 - describe the location of Rio within Brazil and why it has become a city of global importance, Rio - Land Use (Word), Rio Land Use (PDF)
Task 2 - Pages 154-155 - Use pages154-155 to complete a table
Task 3 - Pages 156-157 - Use the double page to make notes under the following headings. The Effects of Economic Growth (page 156), Unemployment (page 156/157), The Crime Problem (page 157). Then complete Q1/2 on page 157
Task 4 - 158-159 and additional sheet ‘Rio – Improving the Environment’. Write a definition for pollution and identify as many types as you can (e.g. waste pollution). Rio - Improving the Environment (Word), Rio - Improving the Environment (PDF)
Task 5 - Read pages 160-161. Make your own spider diagram about Rocinha Favela focusing on the challenges that people face there.
Task 6 - Pages 162-163. Use the double page to create a poster with the title ‘Improving Squatter Settlements – the Favela Bairro Project’. Add colour and images too.

(Previous Geography Work set before Easter) Y10 Geography Lesson (please click to download this file)

History - 20th April Work to the end of part 3 of the lessons on Elizabeth. Full instructons for the tasks are here (click)
Task 1 - Using the document ‘Part 2 - Revision Cards’ complete these fully using the textbook pages 160-183 and your exercise book. Part 2 - Revision Cards (Excel), Part 2 - Revision Cards (pdf)
Task 2 - You need to complete the ‘Part 2 – Test’ You can type the answers or write them. There is a ‘Part 2 – Crib Sheet’ to help you. Part 2 Test (Word), Part 2 Test (Pdf), Part 2 Crib sheet (Word), Part 2 Crib sheet (Pdf)
Task 3 - Pages 184-185, Complete Q1 and 2 in the blue ‘work box’. Finally use the paragraph ‘Elizabeth’s religious settlement’ to explain carefully what this compromise involved.
Task 4 - Pages 186-187. Make notes using the double page under the following headings: Life for Catholics under Elizabeth, The Papal Bull, Plots and Rebellions (summarise the 4 plots in the table on page 187 here), How Elizabeth Changed her Policy (make a list of the changes she made here)
Task 5 - Pages 188-189, Make notes about who the Jesuits were and William Allen and his seminary at Douai (using page 188). Then explain how France and Spain supported the Catholic rebels (using page 189).
Task 6 - Pages 190-191, Make notes about why Elizabeth had to change her policies towards Catholics,
Task 7 - Pages 192-193, Design a poster or leaflet about Puritans. It needs to include: - Who the Puritans were and what they believed., What threats they posed to Elizabeth., Who the powerful Puritans were., How Elizabeth dealt with them.
Task 8 - Pages 194-197, Use all the information on pages 194-197 to produce a mini-project about Mary, Queen of Scots. You can do this as a poster/leaflet/brainstorm/PowerPoint or any other way you choose. It must include details on: Who Mary was and why she came to England in 1568 (page 194), Why she was a threat to Elizabeth (page 194), What happened during the Babington Plot (page 195), The trial and execution (page 196), Evaluation as to whether the execution solved Elizabeth’s problems (page 197).
Task 9 - Pages 198-199, Using all of the information across pages 198 and 199, complete Q1-5 in the blue ‘work box’ on page 199.
Task 10 -  Pages 200 - 201, Complete Q1-5 on page 201 in the blue ‘work box’ then complete the orange practice question on page 201.
Task 11 - Using the document ‘Part 3 - Revision Cards’ complete these fully using the textbook pages 184-201 and your exercise book. Part 3 Revision Cards (Excel), Part 3 Revision Cards (Pdf)
Scanned Elizabeth Pages: 184-185, 186-187, 188-189, 190-191, 192-193, 194-195, 196-197, 198-199, 200-201

(Previous History Work set before Easter) Year 10 Elizabeth Lessons, Year 10 Kenilworth Castle Project (please click to download these files)
Elizabethans - Pages 164-165, 166-167, 168-169, 170-171, 172-173, 174-175, 176-177, 178-179, 180-181, 182-183 (please click to access these pages)

Science -
WEEK 1 - Chemistry
Work this week: 
This week we would like you to focus on CHEMISTRY as you have all finished the chemistry topics for Paper 1.
Full Instructions on Week 1 Chemistry (click)
Attachments:- Triology Chemistry Paper 1 Higher, Triology Chemistry Paper 1 Higher Mark SchemeTriology Chemistry Paper 1 FoundationTriology Chemistry Paper 1 Foundation Mark Scheme
WEEK 2 -  Biology 
Work this week:  This week we would like you to focus on BIOLOGY paper 1 topics We are aware that not all groups have quite finished all the teaching for the Biology units yet, so if you come across a question that doesn’t  look familiar then please use the internet or your revision guides etc to help you with the understanding.
Full Instructions on Week 2 Biology (click)
Attachments: Triology Biology Paper 1 Higher (click), Triology Biology Paper 1 Higher Mark Scheme (click), Triology Biology Paper 1 Foundation (click), Triology Biology Paper 1 Foundation Mark Scheme (click)
WEEK 3 - 6 - Plastics: A 4 Week project for after Easter. This is a research/project style work and we are looking for you to make a detailed booklet that should take you a minimum of 16 hours of work. The attachment tells you what your booklet must contain. Attachment:

Maths - From 20th April until 5th May, we are working on Ratio and Proportion (Chapter 12).  You will find the link to the work here.
As previously, you have hyperlinks accessing to video teaching, practise questions and answers.
New this time, at the end of each section, you will find hyperlinks to MyMaths homework tasks relating to the work you have just studied.  These must be completed under your personal login - your teacher will be using them to monitor your progress in through the topic. School login :  kingshill        Password : percent
If you don't remember your login, please contact your teacher.

Additionally, when you have finished this, the two following algebra revision - (you need to know this for the next section anyway).  Expression Chapter 2 and Formalae/Functions Chapter 6.
Click here to access the Expressions attachment , Click here to access the Formulae and Functions attachment

PE - During this weeks lesson we will be looking at 2a: Mechanical Advantage. Attached is PowerPoint 2a.
TASK: Please read through slide 17-22. Once you have done this you should then be well placed to complete Practise and 'apply it' questions on slide 23-29. (click to download)
Homework: Please complete the movement analysis booket (click to download)

PE - 10ZSP2 - Task 1 & 2 Description (click), Task 1 Information Sheet (click), Task 2 Information Sheet (click) - this has been emailed

PE - 10ZSP1 - Task 2 Please here click for the information sheet
Please be clear we do not need photos of you. They can come from the internet (Just make sure you reference!

Task 2: 
Complete an information document that clearly identifies and describes the skills, techniques and tactics you require in your two chosen sports. 
Skills: Identify at least 5 skills that you need to be able to do to play your support effectively. A skill is a practically learnt action, for example:
Bounce Pass, Dribble, Shooting, Interceptions, Catching, Tackling, Throwing, Chest Pass, Throw in, Corner, Goal Kick, Hitting over 3rd, Spin Bowl. 
Techniques: once you have identified your skill you need to bullet point the technique of how to perform the skill. This is in the form of "Key Coaching Points". The attached informatio sheet clearly shows this. 
Tactics: Provide a reason why you would perform a specific skill at a specific point within your sport to gain an advantage. For example ... clearly explain a set play or a planned set of actions.

If you have any further questions, then please let me know.- Mr Thomas

PE - 10WPE1 & 10WPE2 (23/04/20) - Hope you are all well and enjoyed a relaxing Easter break. We are now moving on to our new topic: 4a Classification of Skills. 
Tasks:  - Read and make notes in your exercise books using slides attached (click here to access the slides) and the information in your textbook p79-83 (as indicated on slides)
 - On slide 11 there are a few sporting examples for you to analyse, write down you answers in your exercise book.
Once you have done this complete the homework sheet 1. Classification of Skill (attached) to be done by 01/05/20.

Hopefully you are all safe and happy working from home but we need some ideas and creativity from you all! Mrs Pauling is in contact with our primary schools and they are missing the contact with all our amazing Sports Leaders. Have any of you got ideas for an active challenge or fun game we could send out to our primary schools. Send in ideas or videos to hpauling@cirencesterkingshill.gloucs.sch.uk or tag in @CotswoldSGO if you would like to put it on twitter.
I am sure many of the younger children will recognise you so from all the events you have been involved with so far so they would really enjoy to see you leading some virtual games and challenges on line!

Mrs Pauling

Art - Please click these links to access the resources and work, Natural Forms, Natural Forms Questions, Flow chart to help you produce work for you final piece

Photography -  Please click these links to access the resources and work - My World, Year 10 Exam Brief, Exam Brief Instructions

Drama - Term 5 - Over the next four weeks, you are going to create a pamphlet, PowerPoint or Prezi on four different styles of theatre: :-Stanislavski and Naturalism, Brecht and Epic Theatre, Frantic Assembly and Physical Theatre, Verbatim and Paper Birds Theatre Company
Full instructions for the task are here (please click, word file), Additional information on Brecht / Epic Theatre (please click, PDF file)

Music - From Monday 20th April,  I would like you do Topic 3 on Leitmotif, minimalism, layering, ostinato and riffs. This should take two weeks.
Then from Monday 4th May, please complete topic 5. This should take one week.
If you didn’t complete Topic 2 before Easter then you still need to complete this first.

In addition to the above whilst not knowing what the future holds at this point, please can you all be practising your SOLO PERFORMANCE which I would like to record if possible, but if not, it will be ready for September. This should be ongoing for every week you are away from school.

 Thanks for all your hard work and any problems please let me know. - Mr Driver (click here to access the Eduquas Film Music Presentation)
(work set before Easter) Click here to access the Y10 Music instructions

3D Design - Major project research and development. Please click here for instructions. This will also be emailed to your school email account.

English -
TASK 1 Year 10 have been working on English Language Paper 2 skills.  They can now move on to Question 5 on the paper.
1)      Pupils should work through the Question 5 samples (click here to access the samples) using their persuasive writing skills.  Help on writing these can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0aAitntCvo&safe=true
2)      Watch and make revision notes on the Literature texts (An Inspector Calls and A Christmas Carol) from www.gcsepod.com
(If you have trouble accessing this please contact your teacher)
If you have anything you would like your teacher to look at please email them.  They will answer as quickly as they can.
TASK 2 - Spoken Language presentation
Read this first – Preparing your Spoken Language Assessment
Use this to help prepare – Speech Writing PPT
Use this to help your planning – Structure for Q5 POV1
Deadline for the first draft to your teachers is Friday 1st May

Childcare - At this stage in the course we would still be revising for the exam on the 15th May. Although you will not have the exam at this time, it is currently my understanding that you will have the exam at some point in Year 11. We would not normally start our first assignment until early June so it is my aim that you keep on revising and keep any revision done to help you in the future.
Up until the 7th May your task will be to create sets of flashcards that you can use for revision purposes. You have done some of these for age birth-12months but you may want to re do these as well.
You will need to make flashcards for all age groups:  Birth to 12 months, 12months to 3 years, 3 years to 5 years, 5years to 8 years
You will need to include the different areas of development: Physical Development- Gross and Fine, Cognitive, Communication and Language,Emotional and Social
Here are the scanned relevant page numbers to help you. scan 1, scan 2, scan 3, scan 4, scan 5, scan 6, scan 7, Full Instructions  (please click each link)

Past Childcare  papers from before Easter - Test1 , Test2, Test3  (please click)

Computing - Python Programming and Theory - Please read these instructions (please click)
Programming Resources:-  CSV Challenge (word file), Files explanation and examples (word file), Python Files needed for this task (zipped file)
Theory Resources -  Question:A school wants to equip some of the computers in school to make them more accessible to students with various disabilities.  Recommend some hardware the school should install explaining how this improves access for specific disability groups (full instructions here), Hardware for disablilities (pdf), Computers and the Law (powerpoint)

R.E - Christianity Practice Booklet Part 1Christianity Practice Booklet Part 2Christianity Practice Booklet Part 3, Youtube video on Christianity Practices

Previous RE work , Christianity beliefs & teaching, Christianity practices, Existence of God, Islam beliefs & teachings, Islam practices, Relationships & Families, Religion, peace & conflict, Religious Dialogue