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Headteachers meet local MP to discuss funding.

National Funding Formula 

You may have heard about the Government’s plans to implement a National Funding Formula that is currently out for consultation until March 22nd 2017.  

As you will see in the attached joint letter from Deer Park, Farmor’s and ourselves we “were very disappointed to see that the proposed formula has very little impact on overall funding in Gloucestershire with an increase of just £2.1 million a year for the whole county, which equates to an increase of just 0.6%.”  Recently the Headteachers from the three local secondary schools met with Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP, to discuss the impact of the funding formula as locally this will see a reduction in funding for all three schools.

Please do take a moment to read the attached letter and press release.  The full consultation is a lengthy document and available at  Once you have considered our letter and the press release then please feel free to responds to the consultation if you wish to.

A member of the public has set up a petition for a reconsideration of national funding.  At 100,000 signatures it has to be considered for debate by parliament.  If you feel it is appropriate then please do sign the petition, available at

Your support in this would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Miss C S Oates


Press release from Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (please click)                      Letter to Parents (please click)

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