Science College

Kingshill became a specialist Science College in September 2007. Additional funding and status in Science has enabled Kingshill to raise standards across the school. There is excellent teaching and learning across the faculty as well as cross curricular work in the areas of Mathematics and Design and Technology. 

Our main aims for the specialism are:

  • To look for opportunities in the curriculum for increased personalised learning.
  • To develop enrichment activities for all pupils to show the applications of science outside of the classroom.
  • To improve the primary liaison work within the community.

At Kingshill we have expanded the options choices, to include triple sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) at GCSE; as we recognise the importance of encouraging more pupils into careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

A large number of exciting enrichment opportunities both in and out of school focus on bringing science to life. Pupils take part in organised visits to a number of events including the Cheltenham Festival of Science, lectures at colleges and universities and hands-on activity days. In school we have guest speakers coming into classrooms to talk to pupils about innovative topics, such as telecommunications, medical applications of science and environmental issues. 

Across the community we help to make science more accessible in our local primary schools. We have a Science Leaders Award Programme which trains our older pupils to be able to go out and demonstrate scientific experiments in the primary schools. We also have lessons held at Kingshill in the summer term for Years 5 and 6 to come and experience science in our well equipped modern laboratories.