Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Faculty is a committed and successful team, sharing high expectations and a common sense of purpose.   Our aim is to inspire students to develop an interest in learning languages, whilst helping them become familiar with and sensitive to other cultures.

By the end of Key Stage 4 pupils who have studied a language at GCSE should have the confidence and competence to communicate effectively in their chosen Modern Foreign Language. In the MFL department at Kingshill we aim to be a fun, intellectually stimulating and exciting place for pupils to learn languages.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 pupils have 3 language lessons per week. They will study 2 terms of French, German and Spanish.

Year 8 pupils have 3 language lessons per week. They will choose 1 language.  If sufficient demand some pupils will be given the opportunity to study French as a second language in addition for 1 lesson per week.

Year 9 pupils have 3 language lessons per week. They continue to study 1 language. Pupils studying a second language continue to have 1 extra lesson per week in addition.

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Key Stage 4

KS4pupils have 3 language lessons per week. Pupils choose which language(s) they wish to continue to study to GCSE. Clearly they can only choose to continue their studies in the languages(s) they have studied in depth in years 8 and 9.

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Language lessons are taught in a purpose built languages block. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards and the latest software available to support the teaching of all schemes of work.

Pupils have opportunities to participate in several trips abroad. Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to go on a 4 day residential trip to Normandy, France. Year 11 pupils are able to participate in exciting cross-curricular visits to one of three major European cities: French and/or Art pupils may go to Paris, German and/or History pupils may go to Berlin and Spanish and/or Geography pupils may go to Barcelona. The activities on these trips help pupils to gain an insight into the culture of the countries studied and provide valuable learning opportunities relevant to the course of study followed.