Examination Results 2022

Cirencester Kingshill School Key Stage 4 Results 2022 (Provisional)


These are the first full set of results that the Department for Education (DfE) expects schools to publish since 2019, due to the Covid pandemic and the changes to how Year 11 pupils were assessed in 2021 and 2022. Due to the impact of Covid on schools varying greatly across the country, the DfE suggests it is difficult to use the 2022 results to compare schools. However, we do have a full set of results for 2022 to share. Please note that we have been informed of 15 instances of pupil grades increasing following re-mark appeals. These uplifted results are not included in these provisional results.



2022 provisional result

Progress 8 score


Percentage achieving grade 4+ in English and Mathematics


Percentage achieving grade 5+ in English and Mathematics


Attainment 8 score


EBacc APS per pupil


Percentage of pupils entering EBacc



We will be able to update these results once confirmed results arrive from the DfE in January 2023.

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