Design and Technology

dt logoIn Design and Technology students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. Students work within stimulating contexts and learn to use current technologies whilst considering the impact of future technological developments. Through Design and Technology students develop confidence in using practical skills and become discriminating users of products. They learn to think creatively and innovatively to improve the quality of life and solve problems as individuals as well as part of a team.

Key Stage 3

The aims of Design and Technology in Key Stage 3 are to extend the skills and knowledge developed at Key Stage 2.
In Years 7, 8 and 9 students follow a carousel approach working within four specialist areas of Design and Technology; Product Design, Systems and Control, Food Technology and Textiles Technology.

The modules undertaken in each specialist area introduce students to a range of materials, tools, processes and techniques used in Design Technology area. Each module has a specified assessment focus with appropriate level indicators to enable students to understand what they need to do to achieve successfully and to make further progress through the module and across their Design Technology studies.

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Key Stage 4

The Design Technology GCSE options available for students to take are:- Resistant Materials Technology, Systems and Control Technology, Catering, Textiles Technology, Graphic Products and BTEC Level 2 First Diploma in Art and Design.

Resistant Materials Technology AQA
 – Combines the skills and aspects from both Resistant Materials and Graphic Products. Students are encouraged to be imaginative and innovative and this course gives students a perfect platform for this working in woods, metals, plastics and smart materials.

Systems and Control Technology AQA - Involves designing, making and evaluating electro-mechanical systems in order to solve problems or meet needs. The course is based on electronics, computer control and mechanisms.

Catering WJEC - Is designed to give students an opportunity to extend and apply their skills and knowledge of the catering industry. It focuses on the main areas of food production and food service as an introduction to the catering industry.

Textiles Technology AQA - Covers a wide range of products in both fashion design and textiles products.

Graphics Products OCR - This course rewards flair, imagination and reflects on the contemporary use of materials and Information Technology. One key element of this course is to encourage students to recognise teh contribution they can make to their environment through careful consideration and selection of sustainability resources.

BTEC Level 2 Art & Design Edexcel - This course enables students to develop their Art and Design skills in Art, Product, Multimedia and Graphic Design. It is a vocational Course.

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Extra Curricular Activities in Design and Technology

In Design and Technology students are able to participate in STEM net activities, Rotary Young Chef Competition, Crest Awards in additional to catch up sessions available in each specialist area. An after school session is available to stretch students identified as gifted and talented involving pop up mechanisms and paper engineering.